Dive into Delicate Beauty: Embrace the ocean's whisper with Caasi Lee Designs' Ocean Drop Earrings, a captivating fusion of artistry and nature. Each pair features a delicate laser-cut wood teardrop, expertly hand-poured with ocean blue resin hues. The result? A miniature masterpiece capturing the essence of a crashing wave, its crest frozen in time.


  • Lightweight and comfortable: Wear the ocean's magic all day without a burden.
  • Unique and eye-catching: The intricate resin details and natural variations make each pair one-of-a-kind.
  • Versatility redefined: Dress them up or down, add a touch of ocean whimsy to any outfit.

More than just an accessory, these earrings are:

  • A conversation starter: Share the story of the artisan and the inspiration behind the design.
  • A reminder of the ocean's calming power: Wear a piece of serenity close to your heart.
  • Handcrafted with love: Support local artisans and own a piece of unique artistry.
  • Please note: Caasi uses only hypoallerginc hardware

Let the ocean's whispers adorn your ears. Order your pair of Caasi Lee Designs' Ocean Drop Earrings today at LOCAL Whimsy!

 Caasi Lee Designs Ocean Drop Resin Earrings

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